Oct 27

I’m Back and Better Than Ever

As you might have guessed, I am a phone sex operator. I get men (and some women) off over the phone for money. I enjoy my job and have fun doing it. I am fascinated by the fantasies and desires of the people who call me. And yes, some of it really turns me on.

However, I recently took some time off because I was starting to get burned out. I take pride in giving my clients a very personalized experience and it requires a lot of creativity to do a great job. Phone sex with me isn’t all about who can moan the loudest. I was beginning to feel that I was losing my creativity. Nobody had complained, thankfully, but I felt I wasn’t doing quite as good of a job as what I wanted. I needed to recharge my creative batteries. So, I took a couple of months off and stepped completely away. I didn’t check email, log into Twitter or do anything pertaining to phone sex. I walked away and enjoyed my summer. I got things done.

During this time, I had a realization. You see, I have been made to feel icky about my job on occasion. There have been a few times I wished I had never started this job because of what it has cost me. But then, I realized…I am a sexual being. I love sex. I love getting fucked. I love roleplay and getting rough. I love working my own needs and desires into the sex I have with a person who can handle it and still know who I am. Fuck yeah sex!

I finally feel that I am ready to return and dive back into my job…to get you off…to hear you cum. Because I want to. Because I like it. I love getting people off and hearing the pleasure that *I* am giving them right at that moment. It’s fun and hot and gives me things to think about later when I am concentrating on my own orgasm.

So I am back…and better than ever. I have a new outlook and and my batteries are all charged up. Now, let’s get ready to create some hot fucking fantasies!


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  1. J

    Hey you, Hope all is well. Just wanted to make sure you got the Christmas gift I sent you. Hope to talk to ya soon, J

  2. KC

    Been looking for you online, but haven’t seen you lately. What hours/days are you usually around?

    1. J

      She may be done for good this time. I see her twitter is gone. 🙁

      1. KC

        Oh man, I hope not 🙁

        1. J

          Yeah, I hope not too but with most girls, they tend to burn out. Plus, I think there may have been some personal issues going on in her life. Sucks though, she was literally my favorite girl!

  3. J

    Really curious to know what it has cost you. If it’s too personal, I understand. Great to see you back and I had so much fun with you today, J

    1. Zella Piper

      Ask me the next time you call…

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