Oct 30

The Concert Fantasy

I recently had a call with a fantasy I thought was pretty hot. It tapped into my love of both public and stranger sex. Let me run through it with you…

My friend and I are at a concert. The caller is also there but we don’t know each other. We are strangers. We are all down on the floor of the venue, making our way through the throng of people towards the stage. My friend and I end up standing next to him.

Through the pushing of tightly packed bodies, I end up in front of him. Of course, I am wearing a little skirt. Everyone is crammed together and I begin to realize that my ass is rubbing up against his crotch as I am being bumped into repeatedly. I also realize that I can feel his cock getting hard through his pants. I decide to have a little fun with him and now purposely rub my ass up against him. Occasionally I turn and smile at him and then smile at my friend. As this is happening, my tiny skirt is riding farther and farther up.

Finally, I lean over to my friend and whisper something in her ear. She giggles and leans up to him and starts teasing his ear with her mouth…tugging on his earlobe, allowing him to feel her breath on his skin. Finally, they start kissing and making out while I continue to grind up against his throbbing hard cock. My skirt is riding up high enough that my ass is exposed.

I can feel his hand moving around between us and I suddenly realize he has pulled his cock out and is running it up and down between my ass cheeks. Bodies are packed so tightly together that nobody can see what’s happening, not even my friend, whom he is still making out with. Knowing what he plans to do, I put my hands on the shoulders of the guy in front of me and lean forward a bit. My hard-cocked stranger pulls my thong to the side and slides inside my very hot, wet and ready pussy. Keeping in time with the music playing, he fucks me until he fills me up with a hot load of cum…all while still kissing my friend.

After he is done, I pull my skirt down, he does up his pants and we continue to enjoy the concert. I have the added benefit of feeling his jizz dripping between my legs.

Pretty fucking hot, eh? I love my callers and their fantasies.

Also, happy Halloween! I hope it’s super spooky and filled with a whole bunch of treats! 🙂


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