Nov 03

Stockings & Stilettos

This was a fun call because the caller was so responsive. I knew I was doing a good job really getting him going. That makes me happy.

He is laying in bed, stroking his cock. I’m moving around the bedroom wearing nothing but black thigh-high stockings and black stilettos. I tease him by pretending he’s not there. I take my time bending over to pick up clothes off the floor, which gives him a good eyeshot of my legs and ass. I tidy up the room, finding small, trivial things to do. I make sure to take a very long time.

Finally, I stand at the foot of the bed, where he is still stroking his cock. I bring one foot up on the bed, my knee bent, so he can see my entire leg and my stiletto. I tell him to come over and lick my shoe. He crawls over to the edge of the bed and glides his tongue across the shiny, pointy toe. I then tell him to suck on the heel. He gently and lovingly picks up my foot and puts the stiletto heel into his mouth and begins to suck. As he’s doing this, I tell him to run his hands slowly up my leg…to feel the cool softness of the silk stocking and to enjoy the feel of my leg beneath it. He obeys.

As his hand runs higher up my leg, he can feel the lacy top to my stocking and my creamy white skin above that. It’s even softer than the silk stocking. He can also feel the heat radiating from my pussy and I tell him to slide a finger between my lips and slowly circle my clit. When he does that, I begin to grind my hips against his hand. I tell him I want two fingers in my pussy. I want him to feel the hot wetness. He does as he is told. I tell him to suck his fingers clean of my juice and again he is a very good boy.

I move onto the bed and spread my legs wide, so he can see my glistening pussy. I tell him I want to feel his tongue on me. He obliges by licking me for a while and fucking me with two fingers. Then I roll over on my stomach and have him hike my ass up in the air. I tell him to lick my ass. I become very aggressive, telling him how and where to lick my hole. He puts his fingers back inside my pussy and fucks me while he laps at my asshole. And that is when my very good boy cums.

Another happy client. 🙂


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