Time to Hunker Down

Fall has arrived, at least according to the calendar. The weather in Michigan has been beautiful this season, warmer than normal. This past weekend was the first fall-like weather we’ve had where it rained and the wind howled but the temps were still warm enough that the heat didn’t need to be on. I still haven’t worn a coat or jacket yet and we are halfway through October. In Michigan! That’s just not normal.

The reason I mentioned the season is because no matter what the weather patterns, winter will be here soon and it’s time for me to hunker down and get back into the groove of logging into NiteFlirt and taking phone calls. My situation is such now that I will have more time to be logged in outside of my normal schedule. I can be on in the evenings as well. I don’t have to be strictly a daytime phone whore anymore! 😉

I look forward to hearing from the customers I have gotten to know and then hopefully meeting some new ones whom I might have never talked to before because of my schedule. I also signed up for the text feature with NF. I’m curious to see how that works and who the texters among my customers might be. I also have some ideas for more erotic MP3s. I just need to sit down and write the scripts.

I have a lot I want to get accomplished. I look forward to working towards it with you. Here’s to more beautiful fall weather and a hot & raunchy winter. 😉

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