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Nov 06

The Hooker & the Jealous Girlfriend

I really enjoyed this call because it was a little different and I got to do some acting.

The caller is my boyfriend and he is very dominant. One night he calls me over to his computer and shows me an escort he has picked out. He tells me that I will be calling and arranging an appointment with her, for him. I resist because I don’t like the idea. I don’t want him with a hooker. However, I do it because I can’t say no to him.

The appointment is made for that night and when she arrives, he makes me answer the door and invite her in. I have to bring her to him. He then tells me that I have to sit in the room and watch. I am horrified because I don’t want to see this. I don’t want to see him fucking another woman. But again, I sit down and do as I am told.

The woman asks him what he would like to do first and he tells her to suck his cock. She drops to her knees in front of him, gets into his pants and pulls his luscious dick out. She starts sucking him like the pro that she is. I am sitting uncomfortably across the room, trying to look everywhere but at them. I am hurt and angry and can’t believe that I am sitting there while this is happening. But he told me to stay put and I am obeying.

When he is getting close to cumming, he pushes her off him and sits down on the couch. He tells her he wants her to fuck him. He notices that I am not looking at them and commands me to not take my eyes off them. I am furious but I do it. I watch her unzip her dress and let it fall to floor around her feet. She straddles him on the couch and I am forced to watch her lower herself down on his cock. My cock! I can feel my anger rising.

She starts fucking him, slow at first but picking up the pace. His hands are on her hips and he’s watching me to make sure my eyes are still on them. I am PISSED. How dare she fuck him in front of me? He is MY man! I can’t stand it anymore and I jump out of my seat and race across the room. I grab the whore by the hair and pull her off him. Back off, bitch!

I sink to my knees on the floor in front of him and grasp his cock. While keeping my eyes on his, I clean the hooker’s pussy juice off every inch of him with my tongue and mouth. I don’t want any of her left on him. And that’s when he finally cums…in my mouth. Where it should be.

Tee hee! So much fun…I would love to share your fantasy with you. Call me at 1-800-863-5478 ext: 10073243.


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Nov 03

Stockings & Stilettos

This was a fun call because the caller was so responsive. I knew I was doing a good job really getting him going. That makes me happy.

He is laying in bed, stroking his cock. I’m moving around the bedroom wearing nothing but black thigh-high stockings and black stilettos. I tease him by pretending he’s not there. I take my time bending over to pick up clothes off the floor, which gives him a good eyeshot of my legs and ass. I tidy up the room, finding small, trivial things to do. I make sure to take a very long time.

Finally, I stand at the foot of the bed, where he is still stroking his cock. I bring one foot up on the bed, my knee bent, so he can see my entire leg and my stiletto. I tell him to come over and lick my shoe. He crawls over to the edge of the bed and glides his tongue across the shiny, pointy toe. I then tell him to suck on the heel. He gently and lovingly picks up my foot and puts the stiletto heel into his mouth and begins to suck. As he’s doing this, I tell him to run his hands slowly up my leg…to feel the cool softness of the silk stocking and to enjoy the feel of my leg beneath it. He obeys.

As his hand runs higher up my leg, he can feel the lacy top to my stocking and my creamy white skin above that. It’s even softer than the silk stocking. He can also feel the heat radiating from my pussy and I tell him to slide a finger between my lips and slowly circle my clit. When he does that, I begin to grind my hips against his hand. I tell him I want two fingers in my pussy. I want him to feel the hot wetness. He does as he is told. I tell him to suck his fingers clean of my juice and again he is a very good boy.

I move onto the bed and spread my legs wide, so he can see my glistening pussy. I tell him I want to feel his tongue on me. He obliges by licking me for a while and fucking me with two fingers. Then I roll over on my stomach and have him hike my ass up in the air. I tell him to lick my ass. I become very aggressive, telling him how and where to lick my hole. He puts his fingers back inside my pussy and fucks me while he laps at my asshole. And that is when my very good boy cums.

Another happy client. 🙂


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Oct 30

The Concert Fantasy

I recently had a call with a fantasy I thought was pretty hot. It tapped into my love of both public and stranger sex. Let me run through it with you…

My friend and I are at a concert. The caller is also there but we don’t know each other. We are strangers. We are all down on the floor of the venue, making our way through the throng of people towards the stage. My friend and I end up standing next to him.

Through the pushing of tightly packed bodies, I end up in front of him. Of course, I am wearing a little skirt. Everyone is crammed together and I begin to realize that my ass is rubbing up against his crotch as I am being bumped into repeatedly. I also realize that I can feel his cock getting hard through his pants. I decide to have a little fun with him and now purposely rub my ass up against him. Occasionally I turn and smile at him and then smile at my friend. As this is happening, my tiny skirt is riding farther and farther up.

Finally, I lean over to my friend and whisper something in her ear. She giggles and leans up to him and starts teasing his ear with her mouth…tugging on his earlobe, allowing him to feel her breath on his skin. Finally, they start kissing and making out while I continue to grind up against his throbbing hard cock. My skirt is riding up high enough that my ass is exposed.

I can feel his hand moving around between us and I suddenly realize he has pulled his cock out and is running it up and down between my ass cheeks. Bodies are packed so tightly together that nobody can see what’s happening, not even my friend, whom he is still making out with. Knowing what he plans to do, I put my hands on the shoulders of the guy in front of me and lean forward a bit. My hard-cocked stranger pulls my thong to the side and slides inside my very hot, wet and ready pussy. Keeping in time with the music playing, he fucks me until he fills me up with a hot load of cum…all while still kissing my friend.

After he is done, I pull my skirt down, he does up his pants and we continue to enjoy the concert. I have the added benefit of feeling his jizz dripping between my legs.

Pretty fucking hot, eh? I love my callers and their fantasies.

Also, happy Halloween! I hope it’s super spooky and filled with a whole bunch of treats! 🙂


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Oct 27

I’m Back and Better Than Ever

As you might have guessed, I am a phone sex operator. I get men (and some women) off over the phone for money. I enjoy my job and have fun doing it. I am fascinated by the fantasies and desires of the people who call me. And yes, some of it really turns me on.

However, I recently took some time off because I was starting to get burned out. I take pride in giving my clients a very personalized experience and it requires a lot of creativity to do a great job. Phone sex with me isn’t all about who can moan the loudest. I was beginning to feel that I was losing my creativity. Nobody had complained, thankfully, but I felt I wasn’t doing quite as good of a job as what I wanted. I needed to recharge my creative batteries. So, I took a couple of months off and stepped completely away. I didn’t check email, log into Twitter or do anything pertaining to phone sex. I walked away and enjoyed my summer. I got things done.

During this time, I had a realization. You see, I have been made to feel icky about my job on occasion. There have been a few times I wished I had never started this job because of what it has cost me. But then, I realized…I am a sexual being. I love sex. I love getting fucked. I love roleplay and getting rough. I love working my own needs and desires into the sex I have with a person who can handle it and still know who I am. Fuck yeah sex!

I finally feel that I am ready to return and dive back into my job…to get you off…to hear you cum. Because I want to. Because I like it. I love getting people off and hearing the pleasure that *I* am giving them right at that moment. It’s fun and hot and gives me things to think about later when I am concentrating on my own orgasm.

So I am back…and better than ever. I have a new outlook and and my batteries are all charged up. Now, let’s get ready to create some hot fucking fantasies!


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