Text Roleplay

I love text roleplay. I love writing and having to think quickly. It gives me a creative outlet that also usually ends up being pretty hot. I learned how to do it and then refined my skills in Second Life (yes, it’s still around and is pretty much all about the dirtiest, kinkiest sex you can imagine).

While I was taking my hiatus from NiteFlirt, they added a new feature – chat. For $0.69 per volley (meaning you send me a message and I respond), you can text with me. So far, customers have only been using it to get in touch with me quickly and discussing a roleplay before they call me, which is fine because I get notified when I get a text and don’t when I get an email. If you NEED to get in touch with me, that’s the way to do it.

Recently, a customer started text roleplaying with me this way and we ended up having a pretty hot scene…and it was FUN! He’s a good writer and it wasn’t just a ‘job’ for me. I got to have fun as well. He expressed an interest in doing more scenes and I’m really looking forward to it.

If you are wondering if text roleplay is for you….are you someone who enjoys reading erotica? If so, you might like it. It’s like erotica but you control where it goes and what happens but with the added spontaneity of not knowing what the other person is going to say or do.

If you’ve never done it before and feel a little self-conscious about your writing skills, don’t worry…at least not with me. I get it and have played with many people in Second Life who were in the same boat. It’s about having fun and getting to express yourself in a way you might not normally. And if you get off, then even better. What can it hurt?

I am a “para roleplayer”…meaning I write paragraphs. However, I am also able to change my style to fit yours. So if you aren’t someone who writes whole paragraphs and only writes a few lines at a time, no worries. I can do that too.

If you would like to try text roleplaying, just send me a message via NiteFlirt. I just ask to let me know ahead of time so I am at my computer. Trying to write creatively like that on my phone will slowly drive me insane…and I want to do the best job I can for you. I hope we get to play!

Raising My Rates

For the past four years, I have charged $0.99/minute for my phone calls. Due to changes in my life, I am now fully relying on those phone calls to live. After thinking long and hard, and trust me – I have put a lot of thought into this, I have decided to raise my per minute rates.

I wasn’t greedy. I have upped my rates to $1.24/minute, which are still below common practice of $1.99/minute. I know there will be some who are not happy with this and I am bracing for the complaints…but consider this a cost of living raise for me.

I really don’t want to lose any customers. Some of my regulars have been with me for a very long time and I enjoy them. They are familiar. I know what they want. We click. I hope they don’t leave.

It’s interesting that the consensus among other phone sex girls is that higher rates attract a different type of clientele. For instance, some men find it below themselves to pay $0.99/minute to get off. I was a bargain-basement phone whore and now maybe my listings will be more attractive to some men. Who knows?

I will admit to being nervous about this. I don’t want to lose earning potential. I really need to make some money and again, I don’t think I’m being greedy. I’m just trying to find a happy medium for my callers and myself. I hope this works out for all of us.

Time to Hunker Down

Fall has arrived, at least according to the calendar. The weather in Michigan has been beautiful this season, warmer than normal. This past weekend was the first fall-like weather we’ve had where it rained and the wind howled but the temps were still warm enough that the heat didn’t need to be on. I still haven’t worn a coat or jacket yet and we are halfway through October. In Michigan! That’s just not normal.

The reason I mentioned the season is because no matter what the weather patterns, winter will be here soon and it’s time for me to hunker down and get back into the groove of logging into NiteFlirt and taking phone calls. My situation is such now that I will have more time to be logged in outside of my normal schedule. I can be on in the evenings as well. I don’t have to be strictly a daytime phone whore anymore! 😉

I look forward to hearing from the customers I have gotten to know and then hopefully meeting some new ones whom I might have never talked to before because of my schedule. I also signed up for the text feature with NF. I’m curious to see how that works and who the texters among my customers might be. I also have some ideas for more erotic MP3s. I just need to sit down and write the scripts.

I have a lot I want to get accomplished. I look forward to working towards it with you. Here’s to more beautiful fall weather and a hot & raunchy winter. 😉