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Hypnosis: Joyful Living 17 minutes. MP3. This is NON-EROTIC hypnosis audio which guides you towards a more joyful life. Hypnotic suggestions encourage you to find joy, pleasure, beauty and ecstasy in all areas of your life while building your self-esteem. This is a great beginner hypnosis session to prepare you for other hypnosis. It can also be used as a stand-alone session to help improve your life and happiness. #hypnosis
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Hypnosis: Adoration 15 minutes. MP3. Let Zella’s voice gently take you into a hypnotic trance where she will guide you towards loving & worshipping her, along with paying tribute to her. #hypnosis #financialdomination #goddessworship.
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Slow, Teasing Blow Job 6.5 minutes. MP3. Let Zella give you a slow, teasing blow job. #blowjob #facial
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